Hoyerswerda is a shrinking, with many of its citizens leaving the city. But eventually one of them comes back and initiates the dance theatre project "A city dances". The rehearsals for "Le Sacre du Printemps" are accompanied by reflections on the sacrifices we all make. Life paths full of disruptions become impressive dance scenes: Proof that one can overcome agony and make life dance. The film follows Hoyerswerda-born Dirk Lienig, ballet dancer, former solo dancer, choreographer and director, as he tells his personal story during the assembly of the dance company and the rehearsal process. When they dance, he sees people opening up, people who have to redefine their place in society – in a region that is changing, but hardly ever for the better. An architect who is now working in a city, that is being deconstructed. A truck driver who was always on the road and now has to settle down. A scientific assistant trapped in a job that makes her unhappy. An occupational therapist who suffers under the pressure of an increasingly socially weak clientele. A doctor who almost exclusively treats pensioners ... Start over or rely on security? Leave Hoyerswerda or stay and hope that things will get better after all? In the end they reinvent themselves and their city to the powerful music of Stravinsky in a captivating way. This includes the story of the theatre production itself.