After 20 years away, former stage dancer DIRK L. (40) returns to his East German hometown, a once important industrial city now regarded throughout Germany as a symbol of unemployment, emigration, xenophobia and demise. Instead of the proud city he remembers, he finds a place weighed down by loss and shame.
Dirk starts an amateur dance ensemble with about 40 people of all ages to stage a play about the city's emotional state. The project not only gives the dancers a new sense of community but becomes a huge success with guest performances in Ireland and Finland.
For the follow-up, Dirk decides to stage Igor Stravinsky's famous play "Le Sacre du Printemps" (The Rite of Spring). Again with great success, the play goes even deeper and asks what remains in life of our childhood hopes and dreams. But the somber message of the play starts to contradict the dancers' new found attitude to life. The powerlessness and social constraints they depict, they themselves have left further and further behind with every dance step.
For a last performance in Dresden, Dirk decides to rewrite the play and bring the true story to stage: the story of a city liberating itself dancing.