"When I think about how, as a child, I always thought that I would do something very special with my life… if I would have met the person I am today back then, I surely would have been disappointed in myself."
Angela Schuster

"So, in September I will start to teach a drum workshop. I've never played drums before. But I will learn it."
Martin Rattke

"2… A reanimation? ... The reanimation is successful?... You mean like a post-mortem examination, or what? Hm. Okay"
Silke Lindner

"All this economic pressure or what used to be important, earning money, prosperity, all that shit, suddenly doesn´t matter. This fear of social descent and all that stuff, it´s no longer important.”
Olaf Bänsch

"I could go back if I wanted to, the job offers are basically thrown at me. They desperately need occupational therapists everywhere. But I don´t want to anymore.”
Janina Gräser

"Today we are opening once more, the way I see it, a cultural building. Because what citizens make, is living culture."
Dorit Baumeister

"Don't run, that´s too much, but don´t just walk either. Quick walking. At the end, just know where you have to be. And then you must arrive just before the next bit starts. Apart from that, you can freely choose how to get there."
Dirk Lienig